Thursday, 30 August 2018

Being Mummy

Being mummy is different, busy, exhausting and rewarding in the best way. This little man has switched on a smile a contentment that I never knew existed in me.
To be honest when I found out I was pregnant I was so scared of being a mum, I felt I had no clue where to start and already started to feel defensive of comments about me being a mother before anyone even knew he was coming. I then just thought to myself that you do the best you can and do not be afraid to ask my circle around me for help and their thoughts. At the beginning of my pregnancy I thought that I would put a journal together and take photos, but who knew that hyperemesis (extreme form of morning sickness causes severe nausea and vomiting) and sciatica would tell me to sit back down.
What they say is true enjoy what you can because before you know it they teenagers, so enjoy each day with them take pictures and videos and make amazing memories with them.  As this boy is growing I feel myself as a person as a woman as a mother growing day by day. I use to say I am looking forward to feeling that ultimate love and happiness that my mum explained she felt about me and my brother. Even my brother could not explain it he just said you will see and I quote "I don't know its bare love still its mad" and you know what its true it is so hard to explain. Its bare emotions and love all for this one little boy who can’t even say I love you
             Even talking about him and watching him play its crazy when I say out loud or in my head I'm like yeah that is my son...I have a son WOW ME YOU KNOW. He needs me and now I don't know what I would do without him, he cracks me up anyone trouble him I'm on them don't business how old you are mate. When he’s sick it’s the worst time of my life his dad is like “yeah he’s a baby it will happen”. The look I give this man (if looks could kill boi).

I would like to thank my son for bringing out a part of me that I never knew existed and I have begun to know and love.

I love you Z.M


Monday, 9 November 2015

Moved to Blogger and putting myself out there...

I have moved ...I was on tumblr and now I'm on blogger I know that I have things to say and share and I do not see the harm in talking and showing you things about me and my journey.
I would love to do a show and tell with you what I wear my design process my stresses my happiness my challenges my journey as a designer...Join me🌟

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